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U -- Foreign Military Sales F-15SA Aircrew Training Program

Notice Date
2/13/2020 11:58:26 AM
Notice Type
Sources Sought
611512 — Flight Training
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
2/27/2020 2:00:00 PM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Gerardo Martinez, Phone: 2106524058, Elsa Hurtado, Phone: 2106527749
E-Mail Address
gerardo.martinez@us.af.mil, elsa.hurtado@us.af.mil
(gerardo.martinez@us.af.mil, elsa.hurtado@us.af.mil)
NOTICE INFORMATION Title: FA3002-20-R-0003, Foreign Military Sales F-15SA Aircrew Training Program Sources Sought-Request for Information Description: The Department of the Air Force, Air Education and Training Command (AETC) Air Force Security Assistance Training Squadron (AFSAT), is conducting market research to determine if capable sources are available to perform non-personal training services for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) in support of the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) F-15 Saudi Advanced (F-15SA) Aircrew Training Program (ATP). The FMS F-15SA ATP support service sought includes program management, courseware development, aircrew training, and associated support of the ATP of the F-15SA aircraft, weapon systems, support equipment, and software. The requirement is projected as a five year period of performance from 1 Jan 2022-31 Dec 2026 and all developed courseware will be delivered by vendor with government purpose rights. The F-15SA ATP service is projected to be required at five separate F-15SA military installations in KSA, listed below. King Khalid Air Base, Khamis Mushayt King Faisal Air Base, Tabuk King Abdulaziz Air Base, Dammam Al Jouf Air Base, Al Jouf King Saud Air Base, Hafar Al Batin This Sources Sought Notice/ Request for Information (RFI) is issued and intended for market research and planning purposes only. The information obtained in response to this RFI will be used to help locate and identify qualified, experienced, and interested potential sources. This is not a Request for Proposal (RFP). It is not to be construed as a formal solicitation or an obligation on the part of the Government to acquire any products or services. The information requested by this RFI will be used by the Air Force multi-functional team to facilitate decision making. Note: the Purchaser, RSAF, is invited to participate in the Industry Day, scheduled for 4-5 Mar 2020, and offerors are urged to prepare their capability statements and presentations and secure proprietary information with this in mind. Any information provided to the Government is strictly voluntary and to be provided at no cost to the Government. The Government will not reimburse vendors for any capability package preparation costs. For purposes of this RFI, the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code 611512, Flight Training small business size standard is $30M. Additional information or updates will be posted on the General Services Administration https://beta.sam.gov/ website. It is the responsibility of interested parties to check this website regularly for any changes or updates. Interested parties capable of providing the training support service sought are instructed to add their information to the Interested list, add this notice to their Following list, and submit a capability statement in response to this RFI: FA3002-20-R-0003, FMS F-15SA ATP Sources Sought Notice. In general, the service provider shall be required to: provide F-15SA aircrew training program management; develop and deliver with government purpose rights F-15SA courseware necessary for training RSAF F-15SA aircrews; provide F-15SA flight training, provide F-15SA flight simulator training, and provide associated logistical support. ATP objectives are to train RSAF aircrew in initial, conversion, and mission qualification training in the country-specific F-15SA configuration. Instruction for F-15SA aircrew will include academic, simulation, and flight training in the F-15SA. The training may include and not be limited to a combination of electronic courseware, classroom academics, aircrew training devices, and flight training as described below in paragraphs 1, 2, and 3. 1. The service provider shall be required to develop, produce, and deliver with government purpose rights new F-15SA aircrew courseware and aircrew materials used for instruction of RSAF F-15SA aircrews. Courseware development requires access to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technical data and/or Country Specific Technical Orders (CSTOs). Courseware must be compatible with OEM equipment. Changes in technical data may drive future changes. The Government's requirement is for Government Purpose Rights. However, industry is encouraged to provide any alternative approaches in capability statements and identify any underlying license(s) with an approximate cost savings for the approach. The United States Government (USG) reserves the right to add additional training courses as required to facilitate RSAF training on the F-15SA. Anticipated Courseware include the following: a. F-15SA Basic Course (initial aircrew qualification) b. F-15SA Conversion Course (from various fighter backgrounds to F-15SA) c. F-15SA Senior Officer Flight Training Course d. F-15SA Contract Aircrew Qualification Course e. F-15SA Mission Qualification Training (MQT) f. F-15SA Mission Commander Upgrade g. F-15SA Standardization and Evaluation Flight Examiner (SEFE) Course h. F-15SA Transition to War i. F-15SA Functional Check Flight (FCF) Upgrade j. RSAF F-15SA Weapons School Course k. F-15SA Two-Ship Flight Lead Upgrade (2FLUG) l. F-15SA Four-Ship Flight Lead Upgrade (4FLUG) m. F-15SA Instructor Upgrade n. F-15SA Instructor Conversion o. F-15SA Simulator and Academic Instructor Upgrade 2. The Contractor shall maintain documentation per DCMA Instruction 8210.1C, paragraphs 4.8.5. and 4.8.7. for all aircrew instructors and will provide to the USG documentation requested at any time during the performance of the ATP service. 3. Contractor aircrew instructors: Instructor Pilots and Instructor Weapon Systems Officers (IP/IWSO). While the USG priority is for Contractor to employ F-15E/S/SA flying instructors, flying training instructors may be previously qualified fourth and fifth generation high performance aircraft (F-15, F-16, F-18, F-22, F-35) IP and IWSO, and within two years of fighter currency (last flight). All actual flight operations must meet the requirements of DCMA Instruction 8210.1C (AFI 10-220). Anticipated instructor requirements include and are not limited to: a. F-15SA Chief Aircrew Instructor (Rated). b. F-15SA Instructor Pilot (Rated) c. F-15SA Instructor WSO (Rated) d. F-15SA Chief Academic/Training Aid/Simulator Instructor e. F-15SA Academic / Training Aid/Simulator Instructor Aircrew academic and simulator instructors must be fully qualified Instructor Aircrew who have been qualified in fighter operations within five years. Qualified instructors shall have two years of experience as flight instructors in either the military or as a civilian. 4. Interested parties capable of providing the minimum training support service sought should submit a capability statement to include specific technical background information describing their organization's experience and expertise in FMS aircrew training services requiring similar program management/courseware development/flight training/logistical efforts. At a minimum the following information is requested: (1) Company name, address, point of contact, telephone number, e-mail address, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code and Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number; (2) Approximate annual gross revenue; (3) Business size (Other than Small Business or Small Business). Note: The Government reserves the right to determine whether or not a small business set-aside would be appropriate based on responses to this notice. (4) If you indicated your business size as ""small business"", if applicable, specify small business socioeconomic program status � [Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), 8(a)-certified small disadvantaged business, historically underutilized business zone (HUBZone) small business, service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), woman-owned small business (WOSB)]; (5) Describe the role your company will play in the performance of the ATP service sought (Prime Contractor, Subcontractor, Other: please explain); (6) If you indicated your company�s role as ""Prime Contractor"" please provide information demonstrating the capability to mobilize and manage internationally, and finance the support service sought; (7) If you indicated your company�s role as ""Prime Contractor"", specify the functions for which you plan to use subcontractors to include estimated small business subcontracting goals and rationale; (8) If you indicated your company�s role as ""Subcontractor"", please indicate which functional areas you intend to cover; (9) Specify whether your company primarily conducts business in the commercial or Government sector; (10) Provide information on any commercial or Government sector ATP services your organization has performed that are similar to the ATP service sought; (11) Identify which NAICS code(s) your company usually performs under; (12) Describe your company�s expertise/experience in maintaining documentation per DCMA Instruction 8210.1C for all aircrew instructors and how it is provided to the USG; (13) Describe your company�s capability to provide expertise in F-15SA courseware development, production and delivery and your ability to deliver such courseware with Government Purpose rights or describe an alternative approach which identifies any cost savings along with any required underlying license(s). (14) Provide a plan to develop F-15SA Aircrew Training Academic Courseware using government-provided Country Specific Technical Orders (CSTOs). Note: Benchmark timelines for courseware development are critically important to the program mobilization. (15) Describe your company�s capability to provide F-15SA flight simulation training that replicates F-15SA flight characteristics and capabilities using your organization�s training device. (16) Provide a plan to recruit and employ Classified Secret-eligible, trained and qualified F-15 variant and or high performance aircraft (i.e. F-16, F-18, F-22, F-35, etc.) instructor pilot and instructor weapon systems officers. Employees shall be within two years of fighter currency (last flight) to qualify for positions as F-15SA aircrew flight instructors, and within five years flight currency for academic and simulator instructors. (17) Provide a plan to recruit and employ Classified Secret-eligible, trained, and qualified support personnel, to include but not limited to, Schedulers, F-15SA Brief/Debrief System operators, Drivers, Lesson Management System administrators, Aircrew Records Management System administrators, and Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS) operators. (18) Explain your organization�s understanding of export control laws (third party transfer/technical assistance agreements), the business acumen, etiquette, culture, practices of conducting business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Elaborate on the trade regulations, customs, standards, agreements, labor laws, Visa requirements, transportation, lodging, tariffs (value-added tax) and other unique circumstances affecting a service provider�s ability to perform the support services sought in Saudi Arabia. (19) Provide capability to support a 5-year period of performance from 1 Jan 2022-31 Dec 2026. (20) Provide recommended type of contract and rationale. (21) Provide the minimum period of performance your company is able to support in the event funding is limited and services are purchased for a shorter period of performance (For example: the contract only provides funding for one year of service). Please limit the capability statement to no more than 35 single-sided, type-written pages using font size 12. Any questions regarding this posting must be submitted via email as soon as possible but no later than noon CST on 19 Feb 2020 in order to allow answers to questions to be publicly posted before the response date. Questions containing proprietary information must be identified to prevent release to the public via posting on the General Services Administration https://beta.sam.gov/ website. PROPRIETARY INFORMATION, also known as a trade secret, is information that a company wishes to keep confidential or secret from those outside of the company. Proprietary information may include formulas, processes, and methods used in production. Proprietary information must be clearly MARKED/BOLDED/HIGHLIGHTED and/or EXPLAINED in the beginning and throughout any documents/capability statement. Please do not call the contracting office for information; email questions to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion and help eliminate duplicate questions. The primary point of contact for this RFI is Gerardo Martinez. Contact with other Government personnel regarding this RFI is not permitted. If your organization is capable of providing the training support service described above, please submit electronically the requested information by the specified due dates to Gerardo Martinez via email: gerardo.martinez@us.af.mil (Courtesy copy Edgar Alonso-Bernal via email: edgar.alonso-bernal@us.af.mil and Elsa Hurtado via email: elsa.hurtado@us.af.mil). Information requested due dates and timeline: Attendees� information in form 7 (attached) 18-Feb-2020 Questions 19-Feb-2020 Response to questions 21-Feb-2020 Capability statement27-Feb-2020 Capability presentation/Briefing Slides 27-Feb-2020 Industry day 04/05-March-2020
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Address: khamis, Tabuk, Dammam, Al Jouf, and Hafar Al Batin, SAU
Country: SAU
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