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58 -- Repair of the APN 239 Color Weather Radar

Notice Date
10/13/2021 12:49:56 PM
Notice Type
811219 — Other Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance
Contracting Office
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
11/13/2021 2:00:00 PM
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Casey Hillstrom, Phone: 4789262133
E-Mail Address
Description Solicitation�FA8524-20-R-0021 SOLICITATION NOTICE. THIS ACQUISTION WILL BE A 5 YEAR FIRM- FIXED PRICE REQUIREMENTS TYPE CONTRACT WITH A BASIC AND (4) ONE YEAR OPTION PERIODS WITH BEST ESTIMATED QUANTITIES FOR THE FOLLOWING FIVE COMPONENTS OF THE APN-239 COLOR WEATHER RADAR CWR SYSTEM, APPLICABLE TO THE HH60G HELICOPTER: Receiver-Transmitter (BEQ 45) ��5841-01-363-2767SO������� 4000831-0106* Receiver-Transmitter (BEQ 5) ����5841-01-267-5934SO������� 4000831-0104* Antenna Drive Unit (BEQ 20) �����5985-01-009-2872SO������� 4000504-0301 Control/Indicator (BEQ 90) ���������5841-01-267-5932SO������� 4001670-2511 Interface Unit (BEQ 15) ��������������5841-01-412-7459SO������� 4001597-2307 The APN-239 CWR is applicable to the HH-60G helicopter and provides weather detection, beacon detection, and ground search. The CWR system is not Flight Safety Critical, but it is Mission Essential due to degraded capability in the event of its malfunction. The Receiver-Transmitter (interchangeable NSNs 5841-01-363-2767SO and 5841-01-267-5934SO) functions as a short-range pulse radar for high resolution ground mapping as well as a long-range pulse radar for conventional weather avoidance. The reflected signal is received by the system's sector scanning antenna, amplified and digitized by the receiver-transmitter, and routed to the radar indicator. All system power requirements are routed via the receiver-transmitter unit to the antenna and indicator (except panel lamps). The Antenna Drive Unit (5985-01-009-2872SO) is a stabilized 120 degree or 60 degree sector scanning antenna with a planar array that is mechanically scanned in azimuth by means of a motor-driven gear train. The Antenna Drive Unit positions the antenna array in the azimuth and elevation axes. Azimuth is controlled via a stepper motor, and a DC motor is used for the tilt axis. The Control/Indicator (5841-01-267-5932SO) provides a display of weather and ground targets within the area scanned by the radar. The Interface Unit (5841-01-412-7459SO) is interfaced with the Global Positioning System. The Interface Unit sends navigation data to the Control/Indicator. The Interface Unit sets up timing sequence priority and coding so that the navigation data and the radar data are time multiplexed for simultaneous display on the radar indicator. The Interface Unit also performs course line calculations and supplies flight LAT/LONG data to the indicator. The delivery schedule for this item will be 63 days after receipt of repairable assets or awarded order, whichever is later, at a rate of 5 each per month. The estimated period of performance for this effort�will be 30 Oct 2021 - 30 Oct 2026. The CWR components are commercial items, but the Government does not own the data. Potential sources for repair MUST already possess their own repair data for each of the five NSN�s.� IAW FAR 9.104-2 Special standards, states: When it is necessary for a particular acquisition or class of acquisitions, the contracting officer shall develop, with the assistance of appropriate specialists, special standards of responsibility. These special standards may be particularly desirable when experience has demonstrated that unusual expertise or specialized facilities are needed for adequate contract performance. The special standards shall be set forth in the solicitation (and so identified) and shall apply to all offerors. The Special Standard of Responsibility (SSR) required by this Request for Proposal (RFP) involves the Qualification Requirements in which all offerors will be held accountable. IAW FAR 52.209-1 defines �Qualification requirements,"" as a Government requirement for testing or other quality assurance demonstration that MUST be completed before award. FAR 52.209-1 further states: The product, manufacturer, or source must be qualified at the time of award whether or not the name of the product, manufacturer, or source is actually included on a qualified products list, qualified manufacturers list, or qualified bidders list. Offerors should contact the agency activity to obtain all requirements that they or their products or services, or their subcontractors or their products or services, must satisfy to become qualified and to arrange for an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to meet the standards specified for qualification. USAF or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) certification by the USAF is REQUIRED for any offeror desiring to overhaul the 5 NSN components of the Color Weather Radar (CWR) APN-239, identified in Section B, The Schedule. However, the Government will not delay award of this effort should a Pre-Qualified offeror provide the lowest price proposal while another offeror is still in the process of becoming Pre-Qualified. Award for the repair of the 5 NSN�s/ components of the CWR will be made only if the offeror, the product/service or the manufacturer meets qualification requirements at time of award, in accordance with FAR clause 52.209-1 or 52.209-2. Documentation of pre-qualification shall be considered as part of the offeror�s responsibility determination. If you wish to obtain additional information regarding qualification requirements the solicitation identifies the specific office and is cited in each individual solicitation. The Government intends to award without discussions, but reserves the right to conduct discussions if determined necessary. Any discussions will be conducted in accordance with FAR 15.306.� The Government reserves the right to make a selection based upon initial submissions, so Offeror(s) should submit their best terms in their proposal.� The Government also reserves the right to make no award and to make an award based on an �All or None� basis. Each offeror�s proposal shall consist of documentation proving that the contractor meets the Special Standards of Responsibility and the completed and signed RFP with a cover letter delineating any exceptions taken to the RFP terms and conditions.� However, offerors are cautioned that any noncompliance with the terms and conditions of the RFP may cause their proposal to be determined unacceptable.� Offerors shall also ensure that all clauses and provisions that require �fill-in� information are appropriately completed. The Government shall not pay any Offeror for any cost or expenses associated with the preparation of their proposal. Offerors shall thoroughly examine all RFP documents and instructions. Failure to do so will be at the Offeror�s own risk. If you have any questions or concerns as it relates to this effort, please send an email to casey.hillstrom@us.af.mil. No telephone requests will be honored, and no paper copies of the solicitation or attachments will be sent out.
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